THE MILANO ROOM on How to Choose the Date for your BIG DAY!


Engagement Season is upon us and THE MILANO ROOM is almost as excited as you are! As you gaze at the BLING on your left hand, you’ll start to wonder what to do next. THE MILANO ROOM is here, as always, to guide you. It’s nearly impossible to do any other thing until you have selected your  date. Many of  your style elements and major decisions will be affected, or even dictated, by the time of year and date  you select.

THE MILANO ROOM infographic boils it down to the beautiful basics!

Eliminate times that are bound to be stressful for either of youExams, or times of the year that are busier in your profession, probably aren’t going anywhere. Consider scheduling around them. Decide how long you want to plan your wedding AND enjoy your engagement. Make sure you give yourself all that, and a little extra. Be courteous to family. Check with the nearest and dearest for dates they may have already “claimed” for a graduation party or special birthday, for example. Right off, you will avoid some stress in your first step!

Imagine how you want your Big Day to look and select the right season for it. Remember style elements you can’t live without, and whether they will be available in the range of dates you have selected.  Tulips, for instance, may be super expensive or even unavailable for a winter wedding. Even some menu must- haves may depend on your time of year.

Consider your locationFestivals or seasonal events have the potential to jack up travel and lodging costs for out- of- town guests. It may even affect vendor pricing or availability. Check the Chamber of Commerce and newspaper website of your chosen location for this important information.

Narrow down to a range of dates to avoid disappointments with vendors you are bound to set your heart on in the planning process.

Finally, call THE MILANO ROOM (904) 461-0102 to schedule a tour of our breathtaking setting before December 31 to score a FREE CHAMPAGNE TOAST. And, to be certain THE MILANO ROOM saves your date for you!

I look forward to working with each of you. Please let me know how I can help.


Meaghan Towne, The Milano Room



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