Fifteen Fabulous Ways to add FUN to your Milano Room Reception

At THE MILANO ROOM, ways to fire up the FUN at your affair are as limitless as your love for each other. These are some of our favorites in an infographic. THE MILANO ROOM has the know how, and all the space you need, to make it FuN and flawless.

As in all things wedding, let your style be your guide. It always makes good sense to let your style decisions (theme, color, etc.) be reflected in EVERY element of your Big Day! Are you a sentimental couple having a vintage affair? Hire Bogie and Bacall impersonators to banter and pose with your guests.THE MILANO ROOM TIP:  Check  your local community college theatre departments or community theatre groups for enthusiastic, affordable entertainers.

Photo booth or circus clown, whatever your taste in FUN, PICK ONE! Don’t stretch your focus or your budget! Choose something awesome, choose something very you, and let that be EVERYTHING!

Be certain that your venue can accommodate the reception fun you dream of, and that they can keep your offerings private, available for your Honored Guests only. You wouldn’t want your Cirque Du Soleil performer to land in Uncle Bernie’s lap, or  hotel guests fresh from the pool to drip water into your cotton candy cart! The Milano Room has 3,500 square feet of indoor  space alone for your choice in FuN to fly!

THE MILANO ROOM can work with you and whatever amusements you choose, to be sure you and your guests have FABULOUS FuN! Like and follow us on Facebook for loads of pro tips on wedding FuN and so much more. THE MILANO ROOM TIP: Book your FuN wedding in THE MILANO ROOM before the end of the year and receive a FREE CHAMPAGNE TOAST. See Facebook for details, or call (904) 461-0102 to schedule a tour TODAY!RECEPTION EXTRAS IN THE CAN


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