Florida Beach Weddings!

Top Ten Checklist for Florida Beach Weddings

A beach wedding is a beautiful and memorable choice to celebrate your special day. Here is a list of important things to consider when planning a Florida Beach Wedding.

  1. Florida Beach Weddings revolve around the weather. While there is nothing you can do about the weather, have an alternate indoor venue for the ceremony in preparation for inclement weather.
  2. For Florida Beach Weddings it is important to study the timetable of tides at your beach of choice. Be mindful of the natural patterns of your location and plan accordingly so that your day is without unwanted surprises.
  3. Make sure to identify the ebb and flow of not only the ocean but the surrounding area as well. Note scheduled community activities, special events, and try to visit your location at various times to establish familiarity with the area.
  4. Outdoor photography is much different than indoor photography. Check with your wedding photographer to ensure that they are prepared for lighting and other special concerns associated with Florida Beach Weddings.
  5. Take guests into consideration when planning your Florida Beach Wedding. You want your wedding to be enjoyed by everyone and accessible by everyone. Scout out the availability of ramps and, if difficult terrain is present, prepare a way for your elderly and disabled guests.
  6. Be aware that all beaches in Florida are public beaches and that the wedding ceremony site can not be roped off. Depending on the time of day and season of your wedding, you may or may not have a few onlookers. Be prepared to have helpers kindly direct beach goers if needed.
  7. Permits will be necessary at most beaches in Florida for a Florida Beach Wedding. Anastasia State Park, located approximately one mile from Amici’s Milano Room is a wonderful beach wedding location, with parking and beautiful access to the beach.  Call Michelle at 904-461-2008 for more information about having your wedding ceremony at the park.
  8. Because of the humidity and pleasant breezes along Florida’s beaches, it is necessary to test out your hair style and the hair style of your bridesmaids at the beach before your wedding day.
  9. To avoid fines, ask about certain items you may want to incorporate into your Florida Beach Wedding. Items such as fireworks, silk petals, rice, and pets may or may not be allowed. Check with local authorities to insure your ceremony is in line with beach regulations.
  10. Lastly, look into wedding or special event insurance. Depending on the package, wedding insurance provides coverage for cancellation, postponement, an unusable venue, vendors’ failure to provide services, and protection of rings, cake, flowers, attire and luggage.

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